it still feels strange adjusting to having the shop back - I am slowly getting the lay of the land - and will be in the swing of things soon. gearing up to the spring one of a kind show - can't wait! I will make some adjustments to the booth display (sorry john) and add some new spring products.
john and I designed this wine tote a few years ago - and I made another run of them - I could never tire of industrial felt. this piece also reminds me of how well john and i work together - we sat down and did so many prototypes till we found one we both agreed on.


  1. I can't wait to meet the two of you this summer
    that's such a blessing to work in harmony side by side with your love

  2. sonia will adore you both even more in person .
    this would be great for keeping a white wine chilled since felt is such a great insulator.

  3. a beautiful way to tote your wine in style
    good job to you both

  4. I've only just discovered your work and I LOVE this! Will you be making any more for your shop anytime soon?


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