yesterday we had quite a snow fall - a big contrast to the sunny day before. I think that piper enjoys deliveries as much as I do. she was reading and sitting in the box. I made the house pattern as a storage basket - a picture of my little pouches made from my remnants - they are popular so I am going to make more - I have a new larger pouch design to show you next week - with some new fabric I am working with - also a sneak peek at the new designs on screens that were just rinsed. I printed them on fabric to be made into tea towels and I will photograph the finished piece today with any luck on some good daylight.


  1. We have had snow here today in Shropshire, England - not sure how long it will stay this time. Funny how children love to play with boxes.
    Do you have your own light box to expose screens?

  2. it was a very bookhou christmas for family and friends and i think everyone appreciated their gifts. Those little pouches were perfect for quite a few of my nieces with little gifts tucked inside. That screen on the right is really exciting.

  3. Love that red pouch.
    Nice colour!

  4. those leaves will do so well, just you wait and see

  5. the wallets are very sweet
    it's very funny how kids and cats like boxes
    can't wait to see your new tea towels.

  6. hi jacqui
    yes - I do - it's in the basement
    such a useful little light box.

  7. Hi arounna,
    I really like your pictures and your inspiring designs.
    Thank you for having me in your wonderful universe.
    I'll be back soon :)


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