wow this week went by quickly - didn't even realize it was friday - this weekend we will be celebrating little p's birthday - she will be turning two. how time flies. while putting together party loot bags - I thought what a good idea to make LOOT BAGS for adults - all I can say is look out for a giveaway coming up next week to launch this product.
have a great weekend - may it be filled with creativity and loafing. xxa


  1. Happy Birthday! to your little one
    a loot bag for adults, how fun! can't wait to see it.
    have a nice weekend to you and your family.

  2. She's so adorable. Wow, time flies ... I actually remember just starting to read your blog when you had Piper. Happy Birthday, Piper!

  3. aww look at her sweetest face !! Happy Birthday adorable girl !! I hope you'll all have a terrific weekend & celebrations !! xoxox much love

  4. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous ray of sunshine!

    I love the idea of creativity + loafing!!!! Yes - that is perfect!

  5. happy birthay to little p., so cute !

  6. Love this series.
    Best wishes for this weekend!

  7. happiest of birthday's little p
    it has been amazing to watch you grow

  8. Happy Birthday Piper! She really does have the cutest lips in the world :)


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