I have a meeting later today for a custom job - so excited - it's always nice to go for a walk. custom jobs are a lot of fun - it's a break from my everyday studio production. I had a request before the holidays to do a three colour print - at first I was asked to do a letterpress print of this image the client designed and because she wanted a large size we decided a silkscreen would work better. I did some prints on paper and asked if she wanted a few tea towels to go with them - I like the design a lot - I'm happy to provide my customers with different print options. the last time I did a multi-colour silkscreen was when I was teaching printmaking at the AGO gallery school. one day I will give you a tutorial on how to register your colours using acetate - the same method I use to register letterpress prints. I like how certain printing techniques/methods are related.


  1. this three color print is absolutely lovely, I bet the customer was thrilled !! I've been meaning to email you photos of something my mom had rescued for me twenty years ago. Need to email you to have some advice. xoxoxo

  2. Voici une journée bien commencée !
    Je te souhaite une joyeuse semaine et une douce et lumineuse année !!!
    A bientôt

  3. i love that print
    newfoundland , eh!

  4. This is really cool.
    Let me know if you ever do a work shop on it. :)

  5. a very lovely and bright blue: like the waves

  6. this is such a lovely print
    I love the waves too

  7. This came out so beautifully. Honestly, it looks incredibly hard to do! You make it look effortless!


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