hi there!
hope you had a wonderful 2010 year - I feel like the year is already off to the right start - there is so much going on and as the weeks go I will let you know. here are some outtake drawings of my printed calendar. the reason it didn't go forth was because I couldn't find the right printer that was a combination of cost and quality. I will visit this idea earlier in the year so that I'm not pressed for time. we are off in early day to my fabric dealer to look for wool for scarf samples - I am working on samples for a possible big project - will give you more details if it all pans out.
enjoy your day!! xxa


  1. Hmmm... something is a little different. Have you widened your pictures and text? Looks great of course.

  2. so much new year excitement
    happy fabric shopping

  3. when it's ready I will be happy to own one
    can't wait to hear more about your projects

  4. Love these drawings - interesting to hear that some projects don't always work out - but they may in the future :-)


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