I hope you all enjoyed your weekend - on saturday john and I did the silkscreen and letterpress workshop in conjunction with the paper place. it was a lot of fun - I think it's a wonderful way to try two printing techniques at the same time. students brought their own images for the silkscreen component and used our images and movable type for the letterpress printing. I am hoping in the near future I can do more of these. here are some highlights.
*I wanted to post a few helpful links - I get a lot of emails regarding helpful information regarding letterpress printing tips and techniques. some helpful info for printing would be from briar press (good for looking for a press or for classes in your area or questions regarding your press in general) - although I don't whole heartedly agree with some of the people commenting on this site, they are a bit rude sometimes.
a very helpful blog would be dolce press (I found her tip on using an elastic band instead of your grippers very helpful - a tip I use everyday)-she also goes into how to clean your press and the different types of paper that is good for printing, how to dampen your paper to get an even print, how to add small bits of masking tape as packing to change little areas to make your overall print better and lots more.
another helpful site is boxcar press - one of the tips that I found helpful from boxcar was putting masking tape on the roller guide to move the rollers up so that there is less inking on your plate and avoiding blotchyness. they also have some good tips on designing your file to be made into plates.
hope this info is helpful - happy printing.


  1. well, you certainly kept yourself busy ! So many gorgeous silkscreens & letterpress prints ! Have a great week ahead, Arounna ! oxox

  2. this looks like a lot of fun
    I wish I was closer to take one of your workshops
    I hope you will continue doing them.

  3. really like you shop/studio!
    so inspiring!!

  4. Your work space is lovely - that fox print on the wall is beautiful.

    Your prints look amazing too - the colours are just divine.



  5. thanks so much everyone - we love the space we have a lot - the light just pours in during the day and the nice track lighting allows for night time printing - which there is a lot of.

  6. wish there was something like this here in the Netherlands. Going to look if I can find something like that...because I love it! Keep up the good work.

  7. I wish I could visit your shop/studio space. I love your style.

  8. I wish I could visit your shop/studio space. I love your style.

  9. Oh what a wonderful workshop that was! Arounna and John, many thanks for hosting it. I enjoyed spending the day in your beautiful and inspiring studio.


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