e d i t i o n s siting - thanks margie - so nice to be part of your wonderful art collection - she is also having a shop update - be sure to check it out, her work usually gets snatched up so quickly.


  1. your laser cut couldn't have found a better place but in Margie's new studio. Birdie must feel so proud, and will even be able to chat with the spider & duck :)
    and of course the black board pegboard is truly amazing & one of a kind. Our Margie worths her weigh in gold, doesn't she ?

  2. so nice
    I love margie's art collection very much

  3. Lovely setting! I need to send you a pic of my birdy. I hung it in my living room near a Kiki Smith silkscreen so you are in good company!

  4. Hi Kathryn
    oh you must send me a photo.
    thanks so much for your support.


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