tonight is my second class in natural dyeing - we spent our first class discussing colours and mordanting our fabric - we used cream of tartar and alum - I also had to tannin my fabric. I have some silk scarves that I am preparing for the shibori.


  1. this is so exciting ! Can't wait to see your results & Margie's !
    and I spy a Micron ... a girl after my own heart :D
    have fun tonight ! xoxo

  2. interested in seeing what you do with your fabric

  3. is easy dyeing clothes?
    i like the art

  4. hey isn't that my micron:) and journal
    see you tonight!!!

  5. the photos of the gourds are so beautiful, esp. the first one.

    how did you like the onion dyes?
    I thought you knew about shibori.
    Hope you're having a great time of it.
    Can't believe you have time for a workshop just before Montreal!

  6. the preparing of the shibori that I have to do is the tying and knotting the fabric before we stick it into the indigo dye.


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