I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - the shop had a lot of international visitors - some who knew us and some who stumbled upon us. one of the great benefits of having a shop is being able to meet you all. showing you today a few glimpses - sweet egg cups I have and a detail of another salt sculpture. someone asked before how I make the salt sculptures - I make a salt solution and painstakingly paint it on the armature - it's a slow process, but the results are amazing. enjoy your day. thanks for all your positive comments on my first edition piece and for the poster diy project (thanks jan for having me on poppytalk).


  1. slow making is some of the very best

  2. wow - that would take a really long time if you brushing it on and building the surface. What a unique technique.

    hopefully you will make more in the future.

  3. those egg cups are darling !
    and yes, slow is good. Very good.

  4. very sweet egg cups indeed! they are from Finland I just bought a pair of the same from the bootsale

  5. I love those sculptures. I had no idea they were made with salt! How beautiful, it makes them even more precious.


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