Wednesday is my day at Sheridan College. I remembered to take photos at their wonderful studios - will take photos of the wood shop another day. The screen printing they use dye rather than pigment - the quality is really nice, but you need a steamer to heat set. A couple of nice blog mentions over at Line + Liv and Burrs & Berries.


  1. those pinecones are fantastic
    don't you have a steamer in the basement??
    about the trade thing I was wondering what it was that you desired from me
    I would always trade for studio/press time or one of those bags i have been coveting:)

  2. Can I just say - Pinecones! And what a wonderful set of studios they have. glass blowing, printing, clay and woodshop too? Wonderful nurturing of craft.

  3. What an interesting set of images and those pine cones are gorgeous!

  4. I would love to be able to work here - great facilities for printing.


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