today felt very productive - it was nice to have both davis and pia in the studio. the studio was just buzzing. I like the idea of doing everything related to our business - but during busy times it's nice to have help. In our line of work there is a lot of what I call busy work (cutting, sewing, printing and sanding) - it's nice to hand some of that over to people you trust and know that they would do a good job. I spent half of my day buying material and a guillotine and more lead type. Even though I enjoy the shape and texture of type - I also feel that with any medium - it's good to use it's potential - like being able to create polymer or magnesium plates with our own drawings. I really like how the cards and notebooks have a relationship to our other work. I like the fact that our studio is multi-displinary and that we are able to explore different materials and to see how our designs and imagery interplay and develop in each of the pieces we do. I believe in creativity and exploration and feel that as a creative person you don't need to pigeon hole yourself to one endeavour and if you do many things - that's okay. Above image is some things from last weeks letterpress workshop (we have one more class open before we are fully booked till May)- the bird image is a clip art bird that I have on hand as part of our images - the bird prints so nicely.


  1. These are lovely and it sounds really good the time that you are spending making things - especially as you have help. This must be good as you have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off and to see how the designs and imagery interplay. I also believe in doing many things - even if I end up in a whirl sometimes!

  2. multi tasking, multi media, multi ideas and wishing for multiple hands
    you and me both
    and yet you always appear calm and relaxed

  3. the corners of the tags are a great addition.
    is the lace design yours?
    hope you got my e=mail about my sister canceling.
    I am so happy for you that things are moving so well

  4. i love all this arounna! the blues are so calming. and i like the bird with the doily. so pretty.


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