my absence here is the result of my crazy production schedule and having two shows back to back doesn't make it easy.  I am packing my goods now headed to montreal for the puces pop show - this will be also a bit of a break for j and I, getting some rest before we head into the holiday seasons.

above is a few images on what has happend via instagram - I have a new bure tea towel that will be posted online next week upon my return, as well as the fabric calendars in both off-white and oatmeal.  the image on the top corner is piles of onesies and tees that will be at the puces pop show and the lower corner image is from my booth at last weekend's qwac.

I'm excited to go on this trip as it's a much needed break and looking forward to coming back and showing you more pictures of the new work.  if you want to see my trip to montreal please follow us on instagram @bookhou

have a great rest of your week and a fantastic weekend!!!
see you soon


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