hi everyone,
I hope you had a great weekend - above are some pics from our weekend via instagram
we had a fun time hanging out with each other at the trunk show, but it could of been busier - the pouring rain didn't help - thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came by to say "hi".  I was busy running around early saturday since our roof was leaking, the back part of the building still needs to be roofed.  I was worried that the water would come through to my studio area - eeekkk!! all the fabric.  but all is good now and the problem was resolved before it got worse.

I am a lucky girl to be living with a great cook and he keeps me well fed during these busy times, but since he's also cooking for kids, sometimes my food is a bit on the cute and small size.

have a great start to your week - we only have a few weeks left before the QWAC, this will be our second time - the first time was really amazing, so I am hoping to have as much inventory as I can, and also have the paper and fabric calendars available.

see you tomorrow !! xxa


  1. We need rain but it can come at the wrong time...love the zipper pouches in your photo.

  2. I really enjoyed hanging out with you and the family on Saturday . Xo

  3. Pfiuu the leaking roof it's scary, glad it's all solved now.
    Have a nice beginning of the week!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Sorry about your leak, but glad all of your wonderful fabric is safe.


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