because of my lack of time with the letterpress machine, I sold it to my bro and then I took it back to borrow to do some much needed printing of my paper goods in the store, and we got busy with our everyday stuff and havn't gotten to printing. everyday when I walk by the press, I feel guilty.  looking at these printed goodies is making me determined to get to it sooner rather than later.

please don't forget to come visit us tomorrow for the back to school TRUNK SHOW, there will be lots of goodies, come support local handmade!!!

if I don't see you have a fantastic weekend


  1. I love printing and these little books look great

  2. These are stunning - I absolutely love hand-made books. After contending with the school hols I can feel inspiration returning. I found your site via another site I follow as I'm doing an inspired blog trawl :)

    I'd love to visit Canada one day, so many inspiring people/artisans seem to live/work there.


  3. I love the bottom image (stem in jar). I just pulled out one if my Bookhou personalise notecards to write a special note to a friend. You make the most beautiful things...!

  4. we all love your cards so much in this household

  5. Oh my goodness. I am completely smitten!


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