how was your weekend?
we had a long weekend here celebrating Canada's birthday.
we had wanted to go to the cottage, but j wasn't well and there was a day where lliam was under the weather too, so we took it easy and did a few things in and around the city.  I find sometimes we forget about all the fun things to see and don't have to go far.  
I did a lot of working in the evening so that we can have the days free, it was fun to cut back on the work and relaxing with the family. we ended our weekend with a juicy watermelon and watching canada day concert held in ottawa. we were going to catch fireworks at the beach, but last time it was a bit of an ordeal and we decided to not go this time.

have a great start to your week!!


  1. i was so tired out last night that i just went to bed early and listened to the fireworks until sleep set in. I so hope everyone feels well now.

  2. I hope J & L are now feeling better. Well done you for working a lot in the evening, but please don't forget to rest enough. Your body needs it to keep on working as much ! xoxo


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