thank you so much everyone for taking the time to write and telling me your thoughts on blogs, thanks also to all the kind emails I got throughout the day.  like I said I'm here to stay. I feel like with the blog I'm talking to you.

this weekend is a long weekend, we will be celebrating canada day - we were hoping to go to the cottage, but j was a bit under the weather and also I have a deadline to get a huge order out.  we are hoping to spend a few days doing an outings, but the weather doesn't look promising.  I'm sure we will make it work - we are all happy if we are just together.  I am going to squeeze in time on the weekend to make a few new things, so I will see you monday and have more things to share.  I am really liking the video mode on instagram - go over there and you can see one of me carving a spoon.

have a great weekend friends!! 


  1. i love the poppy plant i got you , i went out and bought a few more for the garden but haven't planted them since i just love watching them go through all their stages of flower and pod development right before my eyes. xo

    1. I love this plant, the next day the slightly yellow pod flowered and it put the biggest smile on my face

  2. what a cute photo, goes perfect with this cloudy day, Have a great weekend and Happy Canada day!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

  4. hello, i'ts a great "blog" i love it so much... Dommage, Toronto is to far for me...in France...


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