we had fun celebrating j's b-day, one of the highlights was his parents giving him a scrapbook with photos and achievements of when he was a kid and his dad wrote a letter about the day he was born and all things in movies, music and history that happened that day.  I think I should do something like that for the kids. 

first image is a shot outside the dining room window that I didn't focus, but thought it reminded me of j's paintings and this is also the exact location where his painting studio will be built, hopefully the construction will begin in the spring.  so excited!!!

thanks to everyone who visited the shop and all your feedback - I appreciate it :-)


  1. j's parents are so very thoughtful. It will be wonderful when he has a new light filled studio to work in.

  2. Oh wow, what a great present from J's parents, something to remember for sure !
    And what that first photo ... it almost hurts my eyes !! ;-)
    Looking forward to following the construction ! Exciting !

  3. What a treasured gift from J's parents! Can't wait to see the remodel! very exciting!


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