this weekend was filled with working and lots of eating, I was so excited to find out that there was a new bagel place that opened up in kensington market, I had asked christina to bring me back two dozen bagels from fairmount in montreal during her little vacation.  I know there's a good bagel place at st. lawrence market, but it's too far from where we are and kensington is so much closer.  

thanks for all the birthday wishes, j says thank you for all the kind words.

I am so happy that the new online shop is finally done (I am also happy that the url is just bookhou), whew doing things from scratch is a lot of work - luckily I am a truly obsessed person so I can comb through html codes and such and get it to look the way I want, the look is similar to the other webshop the only difference is that the backend of it is going to help me greatly, and less time on the computer means more time in the studio making. in this new shop we also added a portfolio section with j's furniture, a selection of textile pieces and the ceramics.  I am also happy how this new shop can offer you shipping options - another reason I made the switch is that the new shop allows more than 5 views, I always found that hard because some items just needed more views.

in the horizon I wanted to also mention that I am collaborating on some projects with three friends, and two of them will see the light this week, I can't wait to share it with you as it develops.

I made a small storage box with the waves print - check it out in the new shop.
today is family day holiday and there will be time loafing together
have a great start to your week!!


  1. Love the portfolio section to the new website! It really shows off some of the other work you both make that might have sold or is ooak. Would love to see some of John's paintings in that portfolio, or some of your textile sculptures, Arounna:)! You both make such a talented team!
    Happy family day- ours was last week!

  2. Congratulations on the new shop ! For some reason, I knew you'd be moving to Shopify, it's more appropriate for your evergrowing business ! It looks awesome & I also enjoyed the portfolio !
    Happy Birthday to John (again) and happy Family day to you all !

  3. i love the new shop look and design but it is really the quality, range and creativity of both of your work that really shines. Happy family day. big hug

  4. Love the new shop - it's great to see what John is making, too. I've missed seeing the ceramics - hope they make an appearance again soon. Is there any way to order things directly from the shop? Sometimes I see something in the photos you share that I'd love to have.

    1. hi kat
      in the portfolio section some things might be available
      but to purchase you just need to go to the shop link.
      glad you like it.

    2. Sorry I wasn't clear - I meant is there a way to purchase things from your brick and mortar shop - not the online shop. For instance, I would love to have one of Margie's pine cones, if they are still available.

    3. oh- sorry we don't have any

  5. Love how you organized everything, it looks great! And yay for bagels close to home and to collaborations with friends ;-)

  6. fairmount bagels are great, nothing compares to fresh bagels. I got you two dozen. see you tomorrow.

  7. The new shop looks great. I like all of the photos on the 'about' page and how everything is organized.
    I visited Margie's blog first and she got me thinking about soup. And now you have me thinking about Fairmount bagels. The perfect lunch! :)


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