ornaments travelling from near and far have arrived in the shop
displayed in the shop in the next day.  my eyes have blurred from too much late night sewing, and "don't give up" by kate bush and peter gabriel plays in my head

I need a break soon the past few days I sewed my finger, dropped a hammer on my foot and burnt my arm on the iron. who says this business isn't dangerous :-)
I can't wait to see you at the show!


  1. Please take care of yourself !!!!!! You are more important than your wares, my friend !!
    The ornaments are SO beautiful & I'm so happy two of my friends made some !

  2. do be careful but if you need medical care I do make craft show calls :)

  3. Love those pine cones. I'm so glad to see the canoes made it safely. Do be careful, we all do suffer for our art but at least try to spread it out a little, not all at the same time. ;)

  4. Amazing ornaments! Will they be at OOAC as well? Or just the B&M?


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