hello there!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I have been immersed in swarms of people all weekend - it was fun catching up with familiar faces and meeting new bookhou fans.  the shows are exhausting and lots of work - but I think it's important to connect face to face.  a warm thank you to all of you for visiting - and those of you who havn't made it down yet - the show runs till sunday dec. 2nd.

I also had my workshop yesterday, which was a lot of fun - thanks to all the lovely ladies that took part.  here's a few snapshots of my booth (with the lens I had it was hard to get an overall shot) and also from the workshop.  

this week j and I will be doing a bit sharing of booth time, I have to make more bags every evening. it's getting a bit intense, but my mom is helping out a lot and she's been able to help me manage the sewing.

I will also try to get everyone's online orders out this week
today is the last day for the trivet/coaster sale.
enjoy the start to your week! xxa


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