thank you to everyone who visited us on the first day, I hope I didn't apppear too dazed from my lack of sleep.  we had a great day, I was happy to see familiar faces and new folks.  I had a chance to quickly walk around when j came to give me some relief at supper time.  there's a lot of booths that I have to return to make purchases, oh my weakness for ceramics continues.

the kids also love show time, when they visit there's a few places that have become regular favourites, in the photo above is piper's obsession with having long flowing hair (she loves rapunzel) I think she's so creative - she calls it her scarf hair.

I forgot to wish my american friends a happy thanksgiving - I hope you have a good one.
for those of you who signed up for the workshop on sunday - can't wait to meet you.
have a wondeful weekend! xxa


  1. i can't wait to braid piper's hair when it gets that long xo

  2. oh what a little cutie pie !!!
    weather looked super nice !
    weakness for ceramics .... er, this sounds familiar LOL

  3. so glad it's going well - hopefully you can get some rest when you go home in the evenings!

    1. I wish - busy sewing every night
      much rest afterwards :-)

  4. She's so adorable :-) Can't wait to see you guys!

  5. She has the best smile ever!

  6. her scarf hair is WAY cuter than those odd, brassy rapunzel wigs i've seen recently. i love her solution!


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