my sister recently returned from a 5 week trip with my mom visiting laos and thailand, I havn't been back since we immigrated to canada, they had a great time.  I always wonder that if we never came to canada would I still me a maker.  I'm not sure how much your life paths changes what's inside, I know that I was making since I was a kid and I knew I always wanted my own business, I still remember making beaded jewellery and friendship bracelets and trying to come up with a company name and dreamt about the logo design.  my sister brought back some beautiful textiles and other goodies, the top piece is a simple tote bag and the bottom piece is a shawl, the middle piece is a fabric that I'm thinking of making into pillows.

I also wanted to show you a close up photo of a new ring j bought me from the flea on sunday and the brass ring I wear as my wedding band.  my original engagement ring was something that resembles a branch with buds designed by anne sportun, and our wedding bands match and was made by leif benner. I got the brass ring when I was visiting geninne in mexico. it's funny how your style changes and these two rings are so me right now.  


  1. I love the way you talk about what you do.

  2. You made me look at my rings this morning. :) I don't have an engagement ring (didn't want one) and my wedding band is very simple with a row of small diamonds. Years later, my husband bought me another ring for my right hand but I realized it looked beautiful stacked with my band. I wear different rings on my right hand. Right now, I am wearing my grandmother's wedding ring and an opal ring I bought in Greenwich village this summer. My style tends to be old-fashioned. I've always thought I was born in the wrong era. Your rings look rustic and beautiful.

  3. Beautiful textiles. I was in Laos and Thailand in May and met with beautiful weaving groups in both countries. The bottom fabric reminds me of something from Studio Naenna. I wonder if they visited their studio. http://www.studio-naenna.com/

    The rings are just lovely.

  4. Beautiful rings and gifts from your sister!
    I wonder sometimes too if my path would have turned out differently or if I myself would have turned out differently if my parents kept us in England and didn't immigrate to the US when I was little. It's an interesting thought...


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