the weekend came and gone in lightning speed.
yesterday was the junction flea and it was a fantastic show, the morning started off pretty grim - I set the alarm clock to get up at 6am and instead woke to one phone ring, it was my brother's way of telling me to wake up, I scrambled out of bed and dressed quickly and I was out the door (this is the reason why the night before I pack the car) - it was freezing cold and raining, I get to my brother's place to pick him and adam up and we head off, there was already a bunch of cars loading in and when I get to my booth I couldn't really set-up because the sun wasn't up yet and it's too dark, once I did get settled in, some of  the vendors and I gossip about what kind of a day it would be and in the morning it was slow and only the die-hards are there at 9am, but around noon the skies parted, the rain stopped and the sun made it's way out and out of no where hoards of people swarm to the show and it was non-stop busy till the very end.  it's good to have a little optimism because when it does work out, it's the most wonderful feeling. so I end the story by showing you glimpses of the show and thank you to all the wonderful folks that came out, it was greatly appreciated!!!. last two photos from crownflora instagram.

thank you so much to everyone who left a comment for the giveaway, such kind words about both geninne and I.
please leave a comment so that everyone knows it's been claimed
if it's not claimed by the end of the day, another winner will be chosen

have a great start to your week. xxa


  1. I love the photos in this post. I have Geninne's book on my Christmas list. :)

  2. Congrats to Imogen & congrats to you for a successful show !!

  3. what a nice week-end :-)
    (ihhhhhhhhhhh another winner ??? ;-)

  4. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway and congratulations to Imogen!

  5. By the way, everybody... Making An Impression is at a great price right now, on Amazon... :o)


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