I feel like this next month is going to be a race with time, I am excited for a new intern to start in the studio, he's from sheridan college - it's part of their education to choose a studio they want to gain real life experience from.   so excited!

speaking of sheridan, I met anna zygowski a few years ago there, she was in a few of my classes, very talented lady, I bought one of her mittlets at a craft show a few years ago and they became my favourite fingerless mitts to wear, I even wore them while I sewed, it's chilly in my studio in the wintertime (poor insulation, something we are addressing during the reno)

these new ones she made was all knitted on an 8 gauge Dubied knitting machine using cashmere and merino wools, I really like this series of stripes, she made them in two sizes the regular length and also a longer one.  have a look here. (it will go live in the morning around 10am)

geninne's one day workshop still has some spots, it would be great for you to join us - more info here

looking forward to my date today with nicole and margie
have a great weekend friends, xxa


  1. Those mittlets look heavenly & soft !
    Lucky you to have a date with Nicole & Margie today !! Enjoy !
    And please give them a big hug from me !

  2. looking forward to it to so very much
    and also to pick up some mittlets to keep me warm

  3. I need those mittlets.
    If I had a fairy godmother I would ask her to grant me a wish to be there for the workshop with Geninne. It would be so fun to meet you both (and Margie too of course!) Perhaps she'd grant me two wishes and find me some of the mittlets too ;)


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