what do you do when you've got too much work to do - well you drop it all and take your family to the annual CNE, a place that is just chock full of visual stimulation and deep fried everything. what a way to spend an afternoon. I wish everyone had a place like this in their town. we havn't been for a few years and the kids loved it all. we will have to try to make it an annual tradition.


  1. it really was the perfect weather yesterday for a trip to the ex.
    I love the photo of L and P in the teacup.

  2. I love and hate the CNE! love it for its obvious reasons, it's a fair! Hate it because it means it is the end of summer :(
    glad you took a little break to enjoy the last of it! Xo

  3. I have so many fond memories of going to the "Ex" here in Ottawa when I was a child. Oh, those fresh mini-doughnuts were always a favourite of mine.

  4. What a fun place to go ! Over here there are such fun fairs, all summer long, and when they stop, it clearly means summer is over. I think we will go there this weekend for U's birthday :)


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