the cottage is a peaceful place - it's got all the comforts of home, but the place forces you to slow down, the kids absolutely love the water, it's clear and shallow near the shore, it's fun to just loaf around, yeah I do that once in awhile. I think if I didn't have kids I wouldn't take a break.

lliam is off to day camp today for a few weeks, he's really excited and there's a bit of trepidation - the questions around dinner time is

- will I have to pee in the bushes
- will the lake have leaches
- how long will I be gone

I think the word camp is associated with some of those things, and I tell him, it's at the community centre, they will have flushing toilets, no leaches - you will be in an indoor pool - you will only be gone for the day. before I sat down to blog, j was showing me lliam's lunch and snacks - I said "geez he's only gone for the day" - I am trying out a new routine this week - which started at the cottage, try to go to bed earlier (not 3am) and to wake up earlier, I did the calculation and it's equal to the same amount of hours working that I'm doing now - it's tempting to work late because there's no distraction. I will see how it goes, we are getting prepared for lliam's full day at school come september.


  1. you tried that after mexico too, didn't you?
    everyone has their own natural rhythm but it is difficult when you have little ones that need to go to school early in the morning.
    I am sure Liam will have a blast at camp.

  2. I'm also trying to have more reasonable sleep hours... maybe in the summer it's a bit difficult! :)

  3. I love being a night owl and an early bird but as I get older I'm finding I have to choose to be one or the other, gone are the days of running on 3 hours sleep for days on end. I now wake at 5.30 during term time and aim for bed at 10. A 5.30 wake-up allows an hour and a half of me time before waking the kids and I really love to watch the sunrise. During school holidays when the children are up later I let the whole routine flow naturally instead. It's worked well for me.
    What an amazing picture of Liam. Not sure if it's his expression but I think you can see a tiny glimpse here of the man he'll one day become.

    1. thanks joanie for the sweet words
      I think he was trying not to make a funny face - I can never get a photo without him hamming it up

  4. Arounna, that photo of Lliam is incredible!

    1. thanks kerri - so hard to get a shot of him, I'm happy with this one too

  5. Lliam is looking so grown up and handsome.


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