piper absolutely loves balloons - our house is littered with balloons - the balloons are even adorned
if she had a choice between candy or balloons, hands down the choice would be balloons, oh and the helium ones make her eyes light up as if these balloons were magical.
btw - the sleeping transition is working out good - I felt great early this morning. I'm off to a good start, but am a bit sadden that my days of being a night owl is leaving.


  1. I love the mornings now, and I used to be a night owl as well. There is this pervading sense of optimism in the morning, is there not?

  2. yay for balloons and being asleep at night ;)

  3. i think i will even miss you as a night owl. If ever I would wake up in the middle of the night I used to think : WWAID ( wonder what arounna is doing

  4. I have a serious phobia of balloons ;)

    I'm not kidding...

  5. I could never wait to get balloons out of our house. I would let the kids play with them for a couple of days and then I would deflate them (at night). It's hard to coordinate creative, productive time with family life sometimes.


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