piper baking2 piper baking
the winner of the giveaway is justine thompson - congratulations! please email me by the end of business day or another winner will be chosen, thanks again for all your kind comments - I will have more giveaways soon, perhaps a present for you from my new york trip. I will still be blogging during my trip, so be sure to visit.

we had a quiet day yesterday - j and piper made gluten free biscuits (quite yummy) and we had them with strawberries and lots of whip cream. the lighting was so lovely and she photographs so beautifully.


  1. She's a beauty that Piper is. Kids love to bake. Such a rewarding activity. Our paths may criss-cross in NY. :)

  2. Just to say my lovely triangle tea towel arrived today, thank you. I have been wanting one for a while, really love it.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  3. The first picture is enchanting - she is so absorbed in watching everything that is going into that bowl ~

  4. These two photos of Piper are just beautiful! She's such a pretty girl :-)

  5. She is a cute little kitchen helper! You captured her beautifully in the light.


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