john's chair drawings I hope you all had a lovely weekend
wow - thanks for all the comments - the winner will be announced tomorrow, so you still have today to leave a comment.
today is major packing of orders day - I need to be done tomorrow so that I can spend the rest of the week preparing work for my mom, she doesn't want to be left with nothing to do the week I'm gone. she ended up going to the cottage with my siblings and lliam went with his other grandparents to the cottage and my dad spent the weekend with his kids. the house was so quiet and piper felt special to have her parents all to herself. as some of you may have noticed the online shops closed earlier than I mentioned. I noticed that there were too many orders to get through and I wanted to make sure everyone had their orders shipped out before we left, it was a hard decision to close the shops, but I'm happy now and l like the idea of coming back with a clean slate.
leaving you with a drawing of a chair that j's been working on for a client, I will photograph the finish piece soon, it's amazing how much the chair looks like the preliminary drawings.
enjoy your day friends - happy monday! xxa


  1. You did close the shop, GOOD for you! Keep stress away!

  2. It looks very interesting with that chair.
    I am looking forward to seeing the "real thing"...

  3. John is an extremely talented drawer, and maker of things.
    I'm dreaming of a house built by Manolo & furnished by John.
    Oh wow the daydream ....

  4. i love john's sketches. I wish his sketch books were like the magic crayon books where everything he drew came to life


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