the past few weeks I've been prototyping - it's fun to do, but it can also be stressful - I like a lot of my designs, but for production sake I try to keep the styles to a minimum and also if it requires different or more steps it usually doesn't go into production, but I still love them. I am going to sell these two as a prototype price the tote in vees and the waxed egg bag, they are in perfect condition, but since I'm not producing them I didn't want to sell them at regular prices, so they are in a way one of a kind. I am especially proud of the pocket I did inside the egg bag. I will have more egg bags, but they will have a zipper at the top, still debating if they will have this type of pocket. it didn't take long to figure it out, but when it was falling into place - I did a little happy dance. also the large pouch in the windows/triangle is back in stock again with a new larger zipper.
today is a holiday for us, I hope your start to the week is great, xxa


  1. I love these prototypes, especially the egg bag (and it made me laugh to think of your happy dance). Have a great holiday today!

  2. hi, my name is Flavia
    I look every day your blog
    I really love the things that you do, especially the line work.
    There is one time I want to tell you something. Here the Brasil is an Indian tribe called the KayapEo. The Kayapós have an increrible graphic work. they have a pattern that is exactly equal to the triangles that you do.
    them to the drawings representing an element in nature. For them, these triangles correspond to butterflies.

    I would like you to know that
    one day, when i get a chance, I will want a bag with their triangles, or better, butterflies


  3. your prototypes are amazing
    i want to see your happy dance

  4. the pocket looks very interesting, Arounna
    as well as the bags in themselves, obviously !!
    LOL at M's comment about the happy dance, I want to see it too ! ;-)
    I was on a little break, but wanted to tell you I got your tweet
    and am happy you got it correctly !
    xoxo hugs


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