photo courtesy of songs of light

I hope you had a good weekend so far
it's a holiday here in ontario and it's been a productive weekend for me - j and the kids went to the cottage and the house has been so quiet - I miss them - it's funny sometimes the noise here can be too much, but when they aren't around you miss the chaos. all orders won't ship out till tuesday because of the holiday monday. I came across this photo from songs of light blog, reminding me I have to make another batch of the snap wallets for the summer craft shows. in june I will be participating in the junction flea - a great idea from smash and russet & empire - go check it out if your interested in applying.


  1. I have been working very, very hard in my (overgrown) garden this weekend. It needs me and I need it. I totally understand your thoughts about quiet and chaos, especially in those early years. There's beauty in the chaos because it means that life is full but those rare quiet hours are wonderful for getting things done. Have a lovely weekend, Arounna.

  2. So funny, when I saw this I started thinking about how much I love my wallet and then I realized it WAS my wallet! I use it all the time and every time I look at it it makes me so happy! It really is gorgeous. Thanks for the link too :)


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