in the past I have been asked a lot to take photos for other people - especially weddings, I have turned them all down, because to be responsible for such an important day freaks me out, I love taking photos of people as much as products, but I consider myself an amateur photographer. adam asked me to help with his portfolio and after this session, I kind of enjoyed all the prettiness. adam has such a natural talent with pulling all these beautiful flowers together - he can be simple and elegant and also over the top. his website will be up and running soon - in the picture is andrea modelling the most gorgeous dress.


  1. Absolutely beautiful...flowers and the dress.
    Beatriz Murcia Spain

  2. Years ago my mother would make me little nosegays (an old fashioned very small bouquet) for opening nights at the theatre. This reminds me of those, though using much larger flowers. I love its simplicity and freedom, while combining such beauties as hydrangaea and peonies with that one rose. The touch of eucalyptus - and that dress!
    As are the photos! Another career for you waiting in the wings ~

  3. oh those flowers! i want to get married again, just to have that bouquet!

  4. thank you arounna, your photos are always so beautiful. I


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