is it already march? - is it already friday? time is going by too quickly.... please slow down.

I appreciate all your lovely comments on my last post, you're all awesome! It's been really great having help in the studio - I need to get that part of my life sorted, my mom will be returning to france after the spring craft show. she wishes she could stay and help more, but she has a life in france and I can tell that she misses it there and does want to get back to her own routine. I had a chance to work out some new ideas, one being this new tote bag and the other making a bunch of oblong pouches in the waxed canvas, I had made some for the b&m shop and they flew out the door, I lined it with twill so they are sturdy little things. I will try to have the lines tote in the shop next week, I will also restock the triangle tote.

p.s. I started a tumblr - a collection of work that inspire, as well highlighting some of our own work. I hope you like it.
enjoy your weekend friends, I hope it's filled with afternoon brunches and long walks window shopping. xxa


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for them to be listed for sale! *squee*

  2. what a gorgeous new tote
    the problem is that your bags are made so well that they just don't wear out and i have no reason to need a new one at this time.

  3. I received my day bag in the mail yesterday. I love it so much! Two others here love it as well! :) Have a good weekend. xx

  4. Oh! I love the first bag! So beautiful. :) Your website is wonderful!

  5. Love so much your big bags !! And the lines ! And the pouches !
    And... all your work I have to say !
    I wish I have half your talent...

  6. That Tumblr is getting gorgeous!


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