hi friends,
I hope your weekend was wonderful.
popping in quickly to mention a few things just listed in the bookhou shop. I completely forgot it was a long weekend, one of the downfalls of working from home is that the days blur together and you don't have a weekend - anyways j and I are taking the kids out for brunch and to see the movie tin tin. I hope p will be okay, last time we took them to the movies she covered her ears for the first 15 mins and the rest of the movie j and p were hanging out in a nearby park. she's a bit older now and I think it will be okay. j has a friend who owns the kingsway and humber theatres in bloor west village, so we're lucky that we get to go to see movies for free.

so new in the shop - more ceramic pieces and a different look for the rain tote bag. I hope you like them and have a great day today, see you back here tomorrow. xxa


  1. Your ceramics are so lovely. I am the new, very lucky owner of your of your tumblers and I LOVE it.

    I hope you all enjoy your outing today! I get to hang out with the lovely Margie.


  2. Sounds like a lovely day you have planned. We don't get the holiday here, but I know what you mean about days blurring together when you work from home. The plate is beautiful and I like anything with that beautiful rain pattern of yours on it.

  3. I love your rain print, and the bag is super lovely :)
    I hope you will all have a great time at the cinema !


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