hello friends!
I hope you had a lovely weekend, it was so sunny and warm and it's a wonder that it's february. for some reason the kids have been hyping up valentines day like it's christmas. so we will be preparing for this "big" day with little handmade presents for each other and some sweet treats. I think the confusion that valentines day is like christmas is that lliam heard about saint valentine at school and associated that with saint nicholas and started to assume that saints brought presents. a kids logic is quite interesting and it made total sense, so anyways I'm going a long with it. j and I have started a regiment of sleeping a bit more, partly because there was a few days I kind of sat by my sewing machine with my head down and j telling me to take a nap - so I did and woke feeling worst and groggy. more sleep does help with a more productive day, a person can only survive on five hours of sleep for so long. I am almost done the new online shop and at this point I'm just fussing with fonts and font sizes moving things around, that I have to just stop and load it up with goods, I am going to try to launch it tomorrow with a few new goodies and throughout the week more will be added - I miss having a giveaway on the blog, so I am going to have a valentines day giveaway here on friday, so I hope you will return to check out the new shop and the giveaway later in the week.
so the images above, j's folding lamp made with a linen shade (I guess years around linen had to have an effect) and a shot of a shelf j made me for my ceramics (there will be a few ceramic pieces for sale in the new shop-but it will be added later in the week)
I hope you have a gentle monday to ease you into your week


  1. I am so excited for the ceramic pieces Arounna! They are absolutely stunning, and your lamp isn't too shabby either John :)
    I totally agree with you on the sleep thing - that extra hour or two makes the world of difference.
    Can't wait to see the new shop, your talent is amazing and such an inspiration.

  2. Yes, lady, you did have to sleep a little more each night
    Surviving is one thing, but on a long term it is not that good or healthy, right ? (I agree with the effects of a nap, I feel awful afterwards too)
    I'm so happy it affected your productivity !
    The lamp is so splendid. I love seeing the texture of linen with the light through. Good job, John !
    Can't wait to see the shop !! You've been working hard for it too !

  3. Beautiful ceramics..!! (ANd yes, sleep does help. A lot!)


  4. I think it's so difficult to force yourself to sleep more, knowing there still is so much to be done. But it's so important. I make so many mistakes when I didn't sleep enough. It takes me so much longer to finish something.

    Good luck with your website!

  5. i think small handmade gifts are perfect for valentine's gifts
    i have rediscovered the beauty of sleep too and dreams....

  6. That lamp is wonderful. Such a warm light. Looking forward to seeing the new online shop!

  7. I love the story about Lliam and the Saints. Makes sense to me too. :) Emma and ChloƩ have always been very special occasion-oriented. When one is over, they look forward to the next.

    We had a cold and frosty weekend--very beautiful!

  8. Can't wait to see the new shop, specially your ceramic pieces! The lamp looks wonderful in linen and I love the shelf J made for you :-)

  9. Love the lamp- the linen shade seems like the perfect amount of light for a bedside table!!

  10. Waiting eagerly for the debut of your new online shop! I know it's going to be amazing.


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