one of the things I love about our place is the natural light that pours in - especially in the morning with the southern exposure. I also think how fun it is being a kid and having no inhibitions of how clothes look on you. the kids can wear about anything and look super cute. I wish I could get away with lots of pattern, I have such a simple palette. funny since there is so much colour and pattern around me. john and I had so much work to be done yesterday and we planned on pulling an all nighter, we spent our quiet evening chatting about the glory days when we would pull all nighters - when he was in architecture school the pressure was pretty intense, they tend to have a lot of exacto knife cuts during the late evenings and he said every evening there was at least one student running to the emergency.
luckily for us we managed to get what we wanted done - done! phew. we are such a great team.


  1. There is nothing like natural light! We live in a lovely little house whose best feature by far is the beautiful light that streams in all the windows. I love seeing how the light changes throughout the day and creates patterns on the walls.

    Congrats on all the love lately! I've admired your work for some time now and was so happy to see your gorgeous home featured in Covet Garden Magazine.

    Bravo to you, John and your beautiful children. It is always a pleasure to see a family that plays, works and loves together!


    1. thanks tania for the kind words
      you make lovely work!

  2. Love those little hands and feet!

    I had no idea architecture was that dangerous. :)

  3. a great (amazing) team you sure are
    and an amazing light you get in the room for sure !!

  4. I know, why is it that kids can get away with a polka-dotted shirt AND polka-dotted pants and we can't? Ok, maybe on the runways they can :)

  5. You are a great team indeed. I've been pulling a few all-nighters of my own, wistful of the days when it was so easy to stay up all night. Sadly, Mark can't really help me with what I need to accomplish.

    And personally, I think you could totally pull off the multi-colour/pattern look!


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