hello friends,
I hope you had a great weekend, needless to say - I've been swamped, there has been a lot of bookhou love the past few weeks and I am cutting, printing and sewing like a mad woman. even though I get help with cutting, ironing and sewing - a good majority of the work is done by me. I mix my own ink colours and do all the printing and spend long hours in front of piles and piles of fabric happily sewing, I often get asked how I do it, well one thing is that I'm fast - I know how much time every item takes and I do things in stages and steps, most of the time things are all cut and printed and partially sewn (like zippers are put on the day bags) and when it's ordered I sew the rest of it and attach the straps. john is a big help with packaging orders, but most of the time it's me that wraps your packages and signs the notes included. I want you to know that you are helping to support a small family run business and there is lots of love that goes into the things you buy! thank you for all your purchases - we appreciate it very much! to show our appreciation I will be doing regular giveaways on fb - I hope you will visit often so you get a chance to enter.
this past weekend I did a giveaway for new pouches (shown above) - when I first started making textile goods, these pouches were a real staple and I was asked by regular customers to bring them back. I use my pouches on a regular basis - it helps me organize the contents in my bag. piper even has her own in my bag to carry all her little treasures.
enjoy your monday! - and I know I was asking about the snow, and as much as I love snow, those balmy winter days are truly missed. xxa


  1. That's why we love to support your business, we know how things are done, who made them, and it is important for everyone. I am thankful for all the love & care, talent & thoughtfulness you pour in each of your creation.
    Too bad I missed the FB giveaway ... bah, I was probably deeply sleeping LOL

  2. i love the perspective of that new photograph
    and i LOVE all your pouches
    I am going to ask again though
    PLEASE make a laptop pouch

  3. It's good to explain how very handmade all of your things are. Some probably don't realize. I love the little touches you add too, for example that beautiful hare tag you added to one of my orders! (Is that a stamp or a screen print?)

    The perspective of that first photo is kind of funny. It makes it look that those pouches are gi-normous!!

  4. thanks ladies!
    kathleen it was screen printed


  5. How can we not love you and the things you make? ♥ You are a very special friend :-)

  6. The love that goes into making all your items really does show. The quality of the fabric, the beauty and liveliness of the prints, the lining, the leather straps, the clean look, the details, the tags - they all add to the uniqueness and have this warm bookhou touch. Thank you for all that hard work :)

  7. these designs are wonderful! And at first glance, I too thought these bags were super huge :)

  8. You're a very talented lady and I'm sure your customers appreciate all the work that's gone into making your gorgeous creations- even if they aren't fully aware of how much time and energy you spend ;) I love the browns you've used for these pouches- one of my favourite colours!


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