I find a lot of inspiration in my kids own artwork - I guess children's art is less self-concious and more raw, I remember in art school I was really taken by outsider art. lliam did this house drawing really quick on the smallest piece of paper around 2 in. in diameter and I think when it's blown up it has such a wonderful quality. I am definitely going to be silkscreening this image on a few items. I think in a way I'm showing you peeks of things I'm working on to remind myself that I need to get on it. but there so much more producing in store for me - these new pieces will come to fruition soon......I hope.


  1. that's what I love in children's drawings, the spontaneity, the way their hands draw without any limits or false ideas or fear or worry.
    well done, L, it's such a beautiful house !

  2. Maybe the COBRA movement might inspire you, in case you've never heard of it. I think the ideas behind a children's drawing can be quite interesting. I like the - sometimes - naïve twist to it and the simplicity. I wish to go back to that from time to time.


    1. I havn't heard of this movement
      wow - beautiful work
      thanks for sharing the link

  3. I love the way you are always thinking of new things. Lliam's drawing is wonderful and very architectural. :)


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