these weeks will be pretty hectic for me - I am leaving for vancouver in three weeks and I have so much to do - this week I will be rescued from my big piles of things to do by two new interns and a new studio assistant, more on them soon. I have been going through multiple lists and checking them a million times, making sure to stay on track. I thought this photo was fitting for me today, because I feel like it's the calm before the storm and also because the most interesting and intriguing things to me is found in nature. also by now I would be in freak mode, but john is one of my biggest supporters and he has a way with words that brings me back to earth - he is a big reason why I am able to accomplish all that I do, I am one lucky girl!


  1. I am very happy for you that help is on its way!

  2. yes john is amazing
    so are you
    the interns and studiio assistant
    will learn so much more because of you both

  3. I think John is pretty lucky too! Glad you are getting some help. Sounds like you have a busy road ahead.

  4. It always helps to have stability in the middle of what seems to be chaos! Good luck, lucky girl on all the wonderful things happening in your life!


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