hi everyone
I hope you had a nice weekend - just popping in quickly to say "hello" - here in toronto we were having summer temperatures - loafing outside in october seems strange. we had a quick visit at john's parents house and enjoyed thanksgiving dinner. I spent some time cutting fabric as well - I think I have a hard time relaxing - too many things race through my head. I hope to relax soon, help is on it's way.
enjoy your day friends! xxa


  1. happy thanksgiving arounna, john, piper and liam

  2. It was like summer too here in Ottawa. We had Thanksgiving at the cottage. Hope you find an opportunity to wind down and enjoy :)

  3. summer temperatures in october? that'd be hard to adjust to...why is relaxing so difficult for creative people??

  4. for me - I have so many ideas racing through my head - and I guess I have the mentality that life is short and precious and I want to do as much as I can.


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