we are very lucky because in a week or so we will have nicole's lovely hand knitted goods in our shop - nicole designed the patterns herself and lovingly knitted each item with high quality yarns. check out her blog for more photos - the photos above are just a few shots, I love all the pieces and this new line is called "gris" and she had these beautiful labels made with just a "g". all I can say is simple elegance and if you don't know this about me already, but grey is my favourite colour.


  1. I will take a trip into Toronto JUST to buy some of those beautiful mittens!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. They're lovely. Going over to nicole's blog to get more of a look.

  3. everything Nicole made is perfect. I couldn't chose one favorite piece if I had to. oxox

  4. beautifully knitted.
    thank you for the link.

  5. Very lovely. I agree--'gris' is my favourite colour too! So elegant.

  6. i love my "gris" mittens that nicole knit for me last year.
    They are so soft and warm.
    It makes me happy to think I had a small part to play in getting you and nicole together.

  7. How wonderful to read everyone's lovely comments. THANK YOU Arounna for giving me this wonderful opportunity! I am so thrilled to have my little knits in your beautiful store. (and thank you Margie for the "hook up")


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