hello friends,
I hope you had a fantastic weekend - we had a great mini vacation with the kids in montreal. the weather was amazing, I felt like we were getting summer temperatures. we took the train and it is a better way to travel with little ones, they can move around and you can pay attention to them. we were trying to be so prepared, video devices, craft projects, toys, books etc. - but I'm happy to say that there was serious window gazing. I also suggest if you travel with little ones the morning times are better, we took an evening train back and ooh not good, lots of shouting and screaming between l and p. it's hard when you're trying not to disturb the other passengers who are trying to sleep, but all and all I think the kids were pretty good. I was mostly at the craft show during the day and john and the kids would meet up with me at 6pm and we would have dinner, they all had a good time exploring the city. I had a great show - thanks to everyone who came by and those who mentioned they read the blog, it's always such a thrill to meet someone who is on the other side of the screen.
this week I've got a lot of catching up to do - I am devoting time this week to get out a bunch of letterpress wholesale orders - I am also going to be working on new products for the fall season and doing a lot of shipping this week. I have also been working out the little details of a new collaboration I am doing with a good friend who calls mexico home - I hope to show you some pictures soon.
I thought this photo of piper really summed up the weekend
I hope this week you will have time to enjoy some creative time. xxa


  1. oh no, look at that cutie face, I can take the cuteness !!!
    so glad the weather was nice & that all in all everyone had a good time !
    can't wait to see the lastest collaborations ... you always have so much up your sleeves !!!!!
    oxoxo big hugs

  2. I am glad that my daughters were able to meet you at the Puces Pop show. We are all so happy with our purchases.

  3. oh lil p
    you have the funniest faces
    you are totally adorable
    also loving the brown envelopes

  4. That photo of Piper is just to cute & precious :-) I wish I'd had more time to learn some letterpress from you. Beautiful cards! I think something's wrong with my iMac because i still can't see your banner and I can on my laptop...totally weird.

  5. Hi Arounna,
    Just wanted to say that each morning when I get up I sit with my tea and read your latest post. I always enjoy what you have to say and seeing your projects. It's a great start to my day. I'm usually too sleepy to comment so I'm writing now (in the evening) to let you know. Thanks for sharing. x


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