one of the things that is hard in my business is when you've used a fabric that you love and the item sells well and the words discontinued come out of your suppliers mouth - the horror. well sometimes it's a good thing - change things up a bit. for instances the fabric I used for the first batch of natural dye scarves was not available, and I found this lovely fabric to substitute (second photo is before the dyeing process) - I think I like this one better, because of it's softness. I have a lot of new work that I'm bringing with me to the montreal show and I hope to have some to put online soon. I can't believe I got most of the online sales out yesterday.... ahem a lot of the bags had to be made....I know my turnaround is quick. I try to have parts of the bags done, like the cutting and printing, but not all the assembly.
thanks davis for coming in and folding and packaging a ton of tea towels - I know it wasn't exciting work, it's always nice to hangout and chat with my brother.


  1. Yes, sometimes forced chance is great!
    Oh...want to do our Mamas and Chicks Show? It's on Oct 21st in Oshawa.

    Anyway...your stock looks amazing!
    Hope the Show goes well.
    I love Montreal.


  2. Your blog is so inspiring to me!
    I sometimes look at it to get encouraged before I start working.
    Your items for the show looks great!

  3. Your piles are a thing of beauty.

  4. Heya,

    I love your scarves! How did you get such gorgeous greyish tones? I have been experimenting with logwood and cochineal but everything comes out so pastel. Did you add iron? They look beautiful!

  5. hi alison
    I use pretty old baths
    I think that's what makes them more sad in colour
    iron is tricky to add - it can push it over the edge quickly.

  6. I know! Trust me, I now have stained counter tops to prove it. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try redyeing some logwood fabric again tonight.

  7. you are up to your neck in piles of handmade goodness :)
    so glad Davis could come & help you out !


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