hello everyone,
I hope you had a great weekend - yesterday it was lovely out so we sat on a patio for brunch. I never feel self-conscious when we eat on a patio because the noise the kids make seems to fade into the street noise and they enjoy getting out of their seat. I have a little over a week before I head to montreal for a craft show - so this week is serious production business - not that every week isn't. yesterday my sister came over to visit the kids and after they left for the park I immediately went upstairs for a power nap while john cut some fabric for me. I have such a great support system, this is why I havn't gone insane - I normally don't take naps but I went to bed at 4:30 am the previous night (insane I know) and I just couldn't function by midday.
while I was working away I saw piper sitting in the shop quietly working on a project. she LOVES to cut paper - and she created this lovely little sculpture - she was pleased that I was photographing it. the kids always see me with a camera and when they see mom pick up the camera to photograph something - they know it's special.
enjoy your day friends - great things are happening over here at bookhou and I hope you have great new projects you're working on! xxa


  1. aw what a darling paper sculpture P made ! It makes me think of a shoe (old fashionned heels style) or of an animal skull. VERY creative, anyway !
    Ah, good luck for this week of (even) hard(er) work ! You always work so hard, and it is very clearly visible !
    04.30am ?? whaaaat ? you crazy woman ! LOL
    oxoxo big hugs

  2. for a minute i thought that was some amazing indigo dyed shibori you were working on.
    lil p is quite the artist
    if you ever need a break on the weekend and your lovely sister isn't available, you know who to call:)

  3. oh neat! I live in mtl, which show are you referring to?

  4. Aaaah being creative starts early !!! ;-)

  5. pop montreal music festival
    puces pop

  6. It does look like a skull! Very a la Georgia O'Keeffe :) Great job lil P! I love how she's sitting down.

  7. Like mother, like father, like daughter... :)


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