when I was in grad school I wrote my thesis on how animal architecture was an influence on my work - most birds build their nests by taking the material/branches and pushing their own little bodies against it as they move in a circular motion - and the work I made was taking my body dimensions as a starting point and each piece did not exceed my proportions - there is a new book out by princeton university press on avian architecture - how incredible! this nest is done by weaving - what an incredible little weaver.


  1. It's awe inspiring! Can't wait to meet you in person Arounna :) Thanks for the link!

  2. amazing & beautiful...we've so much to learn.
    (what a great topic for your thesis!)

  3. Wow! It's wonderful.

  4. absolutely fantastic! i have a lovely collection of nests in my garden... nature never ceases to amaze me!

  5. it simply takes my breath away too !!!
    what an interesting subject your thesis was about !

  6. could we love you any more
    i guess so:)
    at dusk i sit in a bit comfy chair in the backyard and watch two blue jays build a nest just as you describe at the top of the black walnut tree. My favorite part is watching them get right inside the nest to shape it with their bodies. For the life of my I don't understand how their long tail feathers don't get in the way.

  7. this nest is just wonderful...like a basket'
    so much texture

  8. birds are such incredible weavers, so skilled with their materials. thanks for sharing it with insight into your work.

  9. your thesis sounds incredible
    and this photo just about blew me away
    thanks for sharing!

  10. incredible! i am continually amazed at how small animals can manipulate their surroundings and build amazing things. this tops anything i have seen.


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