I just finished making a bunch of snap wallets (this usually happens only once a year) - they are very time consuming to make, but I really enjoy using up my remnants and playing around with the pattern combinations. I will post some in the web shop next week. I'm really enjoying the cool evenings we been having.
off to visit alexx today - exciting things to show you soon.


  1. They look fantastic - your prints are really very special. And thank you for the picture of the weaving bird - that's made for a smile to start my day with.

  2. I know, the smallest things are not always the ones that take the less time to create. They are absolutely lovely, each in their own way.

  3. ohh
    i am now dreaming of bookhou mugs or vases:)

  4. I love your snap wallets - I have 2. I use one for my itouch...(the headphones fit in the zippered part) and the other for holding my favourite jewels, found treasures, etc when travelling. they're great!

  5. I love these! They would be a perfect fit for inside my bag! Hope you're having a great day!

  6. @ Margie ... Bookhou mugs OMG that is brilliant ...though if Arounna ever makes any, she may ruin me ... LOL

  7. these are so cute - love it as a great way to use up scraps.

  8. I too have a few of these wallets
    so practical and so beautiful
    I need to add more to my collection
    the little bird is so sweet


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