the week has come to an end - and it's another wet day - we are on a busy street so there is a hum and swish with the cars going by in the rain. I miss the sound of the street car - we have construction on our road and it will be done in a few months. I am excited to be changing bedrooms. the quilt was a gift I made for john during our first year together - it was the first quilt I ever made, both pillows are marimekko and the screen print above the bed is by Carl Beam. I will be spending my morning elbowing my way at textile goods at the textile museum yard sale.
enjoy your weekend friends! xxa


  1. Oh what a beautiful quilt, especially with Piper lying on it too!

  2. oh yes, what a bright, cheerful & precious quilt !!! what a cutie P looks like (as usual !) I had my niece yesterday afternoon (19 months old) & they both look a like in a way :)
    Have a fun & beautiful weekend !!

  3. Your amazing quilt looks even more beautiful with the lovely P on it :)

  4. Quilt looks amazing and it is inspiring me to tackle a queen sized one after I finish my course at the workroom. thanks for letting me know about the sale - I got a big bag of scrapes for $2!

  5. p is a great quilt model:)
    did you use a pattern for it?
    looks like the kind of quilt tamara has in mind for us to sew together this summer

  6. piper is so funny
    the moment she sees me with a camera she wants
    to be in the photo

    margie I did a drawing in photoshop and used that as my pattern - I don't think I have it anymore.

    I toke the pieces and made panels and sewed them together once each panel was completed.

  7. Thanks for the reminder about the show - I just returned home with a bag full of loot! Crazy times though, you were sure right about the elbows!


  8. I love the red in this shot.
    I never really think about red but I then find myself with lots of red accents. It really is such a gorgeous colour!

    And seriously, I think we've had enough rain!

  9. she matches the quilt and the pillows so well! sounds like a good weekend, even with rain. that textile sale sounds like heaven.


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