hi everyone,
welcome back - I enjoyed puttering away in my studio all weekend - if you havn't noticed I'm a bit of a workaholic (I'm okay with that). I started something new to organize myself - on my wall I have a master list of all the things that need to be done - it's a bit daunting so I broke up my day and started listing things that needed to be done in bite size pieces - and I guess the point of a list is that feeling of accomplishment and the joy of scratching it off your list. It's been working and I think it's also helped my productivity. this saturday is the pop - up show at west elm so I will be a busy little bee trying to make work for the show. I know it seems like I am always working, making, sewing...well it's only me here doing all the textile goods - john is in charge of the wood products and he will occasionally help with letterpress printing and cutting of fabric, but he's pretty busy too. a lot of the time the work I make is for our online shops, wholesale and for the brick and mortar shop - so when there's an extra thing - it requires an extra little push. I remember walking down queen street and seeing all the boxes outside of shops during recycling day and thinking geez, must be nice to just call up a supplier and order goods for your shop. my goal this year is too keep the brick and mortar stocked and to not pilferage it during busy times.
the images above is some loot I got at the yard sale on friday. a sweet little loom still in the box made in holland and not used for $2 some interesting embroidered fabric (not pictured a big spool of cotton string for $1 and a large embroidery hoop also for $1) - I tried not to go too crazy like past times, if you've been to this sale it's hard to not leave with a gigantic bag filled to the rim. my lil' p loves dressing up and she's pretty creative for instance using her 6 mth sleeper as a jacket. she cracks me up.
enjoy your week friends! - hoping there will be lots of sunshine for the ontario peeps. xxa


  1. Well, whatever you do Arounna, you seem to do it well, because there is always something lovely and exciting in your shop, and here- so whatever it is, please keep doing it-

  2. your work ethic is second to none arounna
    what never ceases to amaze me is how you do all this and yet never hesitate to help your friends out whenever they call or email
    and you always do so with a calm demeanor and a smile on your beautiful face
    and that p is a fashionista for sure!!

  3. such a sweet li'l ham: i love her get up.
    West Elm should be fun, for sure.
    With all this busy, don't forget to smell the flowers...

  4. I admire your work ethics
    wonderful to hear what your friend margie has to say
    about you.
    that little girl of yours is a real character, she cracks me up too.

  5. lil' p, you're not most stylish kid I know!! I went to the yardage sale on Friday as well, but I wish I went a bit earlier in the day. Still managed to bring home some unique fabrics. My fabric stash just keeps growing! I hope I can make it to west elm on Saturday!!

  6. She looks like a future fashionista! And the sleeper works great as a cardigan haha.

  7. for some reasons the two pics didn't load, even after several tries. Nevermind.
    I hope you're all doing fine & enjoying the sun that at long last has made its appearance !

  8. Well, it looks like creativity abounds for everyone in the family. Your little one has the BEST fashion sense.

    Good luck getting everything done. Hope you have some time to breathe and enjoy the sunshine.

  9. awesome loom find! i love treasures like that where you can put it together and put it to use.


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