even with our busy days - we try to make time for the kids to play in the park - lil' p use to be scared of the swings - when she was younger - I remember pushing her and her little hands would shake, but she didn't cry or complain - but I would take her out anyways, because I felt bad for her - now she runs to them and says "mommy push" and is happy as a clam shouting "HIGHER".
john is pretty rough on his clothes, it's the kind of work he does - messy and tough. I normally put patches on his jeans and got too busy so his mom took an armful of jeans and did her own patch job, which I think makes his pants more interesting.


  1. oh boy, John you look like a pioneer of some sort, with patched jeans like these ! (not said in a bad way, btw)
    poor lil P, I understand her. I wasn't scared of swings, but of all attractions in the fair parks & I still don't enjoy them really. (silly)
    Have a great 2nd half of the week !

  2. i think patches are the new version of distressed jeans
    and I think john's mom did a wonderful job.
    you have reminded me that I really want to rig a hammock under the magnolia tree this weekend.

  3. reminds me of the '70's when it was way cool to have patched jeans; in calicoes too

    have fun in the park: such a wonderful head space

    go P, go

  4. I love John's 'boro' jeans ;) Your kids are SO beautiful Arounna ♥

  5. The patches on the jeans is a great way to extend the life of your favourite pair. I do that on my jeans too, I think they do make them more interesting.
    lil' p is such a cute little girl!

  6. Always lovely photos to look at when I visit your blog- You sound so very busy- how does one lose a post?- I lost one yesterday as well- One of the mysteries of the blogging world I suppose!- Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing photos from your shows in June- Best luck with all-(and thank you for mentioning Convoy in a previous post- it's such a treasure- I forced my husband to sit and brouse with me-such fun!)xx


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