as you may of noticed blogger's been down and I lost yesterday's post - I will try to repost it. it's funny how when one element gets interrupted - how it changes the flow of things.
above images - some new letterpress designs and a shot of the store.
last night was my last natural dye class at the workroom (thanks julie & karyn) and I got some pretty amazing results - will post that tomorrow. I have stained hands to show off.
I have so much going on next month - I was preparing photographs for the possibility of including our shop in a condenast magazine, plus this same magazine took our large triangle tote bag to photograph (I hope it goes well and when it does I will let you know when it's out) - in june I was invited to do a special one day show at a large american home retailer - will give you more info on that soon. also - in june I will be doing a joint show with emma nishimura for the living with washi show (not sure if you remember - emma and I did a show together at the print studio in hamilton) and finally in june I was invited to be part of an exhibition called 50 years of art - a retrospective show of past award winners in a show celebrating 50 years of the TOAE.
the drywall is being installed on our walls in our attic space right now and our contractor says that he might be done next week - yeah!
thanks to my bro davis who spent some hours this week helping me sew tea towels - even with the start of a new job he was kind to help out his sis and also thanks to my older sis who will be coming to watch the kids on the weekend so that j and I have uninterrupted work time.
:: lots to do - lots to make this weekend - enjoy your weekend friends! xxa ::


  1. I'm exhausted just reading about all that you have going on...but oh so excited for you as well. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. so many exciting things happening for you and john
    your shop looks so perfectly wonderful now
    i was out doing some errands with my purple/grey/indigo hands and getting a few strange looks.

  3. Your shop looks so nice. If I ever visit Toronto, I will make sure to pay a visit. Luckily there is Etsy! :) Love your products, and the sustainable production methods! Have a good weekend. Janneke

  4. your blog provides daily inspiration for me.
    thank you over and over again,

  5. Looks like amazing and happy news in all parts of your life, congrats to that! Love the photos, beautiful as always.

  6. ahah I imagine you (and Margie) with stained hands, totally awesome !
    you always have so much to juggle with, and it's really nice to have family members to help you out when you need it the most. Good luck for all the work you have ahead. Sending you my best vibes !
    PS : the shop looks TERRIFIC, can't wait to enter it myself, weeee ! oxoxo

  7. a lot of work to do, and magical results! The shop looks terrific I do agree :) Have a nice we...

  8. Hmmm... which Conde Nast magazine could it be? Vogue? W? Allure? Architectural Digest? Good luck! Get sewing on that bag already.

  9. Sounds like you are busy with many wonderful things. Your shop looks bursting with beauty. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be attending my very own first natural dying workshop tomorrow, and I'm very excited!

  10. wonderful news
    looking forward to hearing more details
    you and john are so talented you both deserve all these nice things!
    have a great weekend to you and your family.

  11. thanks so much everyone!

    nicole you will love the natural dye class
    it's so addictive.


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